We have such an amazing group of writers on here!  Each day I am amazed at not only the talent but the things we have all been through.  I want to thank everyone for sharing.  You are heroes and survivors!  I am sorry I cannot read and like everyone’s posts each day.  I feel bad because sometimes I have to go nd search for someone because I know they follow me and read my work but neither feeds on here or my phone seem to have everyone I follow.  And there are times when I cannot “like” anymore posts but I do try to read as many as I can.

Yesterday was a much needed time spent with my family here at home.  I was up til 5:30am this morning (which is why this is so late… I think I will curl back up once this is done).  We watched all of the first season of “The Masked Singer” and had a great time guessing who was who.

The morning is a vey dark one and that is ok with me.  I am pooped.  I think a wee bit more sleep will be much easier in the dark.  lol  Oh!  And before I go the garage is actually moving forward.  It is a little each day and I am grateful beyond words to actually have some forward motion with this seemingly endless project!

The kids got some new toys yesterday and everyone got tired out from playing (Moose even played tug of war with both Chris and I and he will usually just catch things and chew them).  Everyone really had a good time yesterday.

Thank you everyone for reading and liking my posts.  It means a lot that you folks care enough to come back every day and see what is going on.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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