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Blah to Frustration

And here we are at the weekend.  I’m not sure what will happen this weekend.  Despite being happy at not having to work today I’m feeling rather blazer (I cannot get the accent to print so please read as “blah-zay”) about the whole thing.  I got solid sleep but again broken up.  It is chilly and dark out this morning.  My mood is very similar.

The birds were active (I had a group of Blue Jays right outside the door for a bit) but now have gone strangely silent.  Hmmm… should I cue the horror music?  I am not in a bad mood per say.  I just feel very blah.  I know we are going to get groceries later today.  Maybe that will help.

One a good note there has been some forward motion with the garage.  Cement has been brought out to redo the entrances to both doors and there will be more supplies coming the next few days.  I hope and pray that it can be finished by next weekend.  A lot of that will depend on when the main door arrives undamaged at Mynard’s.  This is the second door from them to be damaged.

I am sorry that this post isn’t more upbeat.  Work was steady yesterday but I was so very tired and then broken sleep again last night.  I only took one photo yesterday.  There was nothing that pulled me.  I tried to get the ripples in the clouds to be more defined.


The kids seem no worse for wear after Thursday’s bee encounter.  I am grateful that no one is allergic.  Ok I am going to stop here because I am very angry with WordPress.  Once again it has completely wiped out what I as writing and started over.  I lost about a paragraph and a half when it reset itself.  When I tell them about it they say it is not their site but my computer.  Grrrrr.  So I will bid you all a wonderful day.  See you tomorrow.

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