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Not Much Sleep But Still Picture Perfect

I am in a daze of sorts.  Stella started fussing around 2am.  It started as barking but I got her down to her talking (which we say she is “chewing her words” because that’s what it sounds like).  Up, down, up, down. On and off the bed she went.  Then is see the bathroom door burst open.  She only does that when she is scared.  By now it’s 2:30am so I get up.  I go to the living room with everyone in tow and open the sliding glass door and ask if she has to go out and go potty.  It’s then we notice the rain starting.  That is also when we hear thunder.  Well dammit.

Chris rode his motorcycle to work so I message him to let him know that he should gear up as he might be riding into some weather.  Once I share that info I herd my quaking pups back to the bed and turn the light on.  Before long Chris is home safe (he chased the storm home so missed everything) and we stay up and chat for a bit.  He unwinds in his office and I head to bed.  To read because I am now wide awake.  Next thing I know Chris is coming to bed and it is 4am.  I am still wide awake.  I turn the light out so everyone else can sleep and stare into the dark.  I think I finally made it to sleep around 5-5:30am.  We got up around 8am.  Needless to say I will be drinking a lot of coffee today.  The cold snap we are getting today won’t help either.  Being cold just makes me sleepy.

Well I just had a moment of panic.  As I was typing my screen went completely blank.  When it finally reappeared there was nothing on it.  Everything I had written was gone.  Fortunately everything (mostly) was saved under Draft (freaking out I checked on my phone).  And here we are.  I have no idea what happened.

I have uploaded a few photos I took yesterday.  I have started taking pictures at work as well.  This could become a very expensive habit.  For the most part I am pretty proud of what I can do with the camera on the phone.  I just get frustrated when what the camera sees is not what I see.  I find myself looking and oooo!  That would make a cool shot!  And try to grab the phone before I lose the light or moment.

Sunshine is pouring into the windows.  I think I might wander out with the kids and see what I can see.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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