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Trying Photography

When we got up this morning it was pitch black out.  Last night it got dark even before 8pm.  It seems to be darker a lot more than normal this year.  Usually you see the gradual encroaching of the dark.  But this year is seems to be hitting all at once.

Yesterday I took a ton of photographs.  I’m not sure how many to share with you because of the limited space here on WordPress.  But I will share some.  I pulled out Mom’s old Cannon camera as well last night.  I am going to have to find a new battery for it.  I just can’t get the detail and depth from my phone camera.  And the colors are always off.

Ok.  I picked a few to share.

I think photography would be a good creative outlet from me right now.  I didn’t do any writing besides this and my journal yesterday.  I went through my phone battery pretty well taking all the pictures (I think I did close to 100 photos all told).  An aunt (by marriage) has offered me her husband’s photography stuff.  I asked what he had and I’ve offered to send her money to ship things if we decide to make a deal.  I’m kind of excited.

Essie is really restless this morning.  She will lay down for a little bit and then start pacing.  It rained pretty good last night and she was fine.  There is nothing going on this morning so I’m not sure what the deal is.  Nuts…. I just looked at the clock.  I’m running behind.  I hope you all like the photos!  Have a great day!

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