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It has been raining since yesterday.  I’m sure once everything has had a chance to dry out things will be green.  Now a lot of it is under water.  It is supposed to rain thru this afternoon then, hopefully, we will have drier weather.  I need to start thinking about bringing the plants in at night.  I sort of have room in the house for them.  There would be more if we had the garage full functional.

We spent most of the day inside watching tv yesterday.  I tried to get the kids outside between downpours.  I’d throw toys or walk out with them.  I think the kept busy enough despite the rain.  I worry that some of my potted plants won’t drain the access water properly.  I guess I will see this afternoon.

It looks to be busy today at work.  That will be good.  Hopefully I stay dry and warm.  It is barely supposed to get out of the 60s (15C).  But I will be busy so that will help, wet or not.  I should have a meeting tomorrow night.  It will be interesting I think.  Something out of my norm.

The kids have fallen back asleep despite both of us being awake.  I’m sure once I go everyone will go to bed and sleep.  Atleast I hope so.  The weather should help.  I know I wanted to stay in bed this morning.  And I see by the clock that I need to get my butt moving if I’m going to get out the door for work on time.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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