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Creative Flow

My muse is calling  to me.  Right now it is a gentle exhale of my name but getting stronger.  I find more and more “how I write” articles popping up so I think today might be a writing day.  The sun is drifting in and out of the clouds.  The forecast for this afternoon is rain.  So I will have that working for me.  I notice that when I decide to settle in and work that things around the house suddenly need to be done now because I want to have it all done so that I can write without distraction.  Ha ha ha.  The joke is on me because once everything is done so is the day.  The most I will do is clean out the mouse cage.  (The little buggers are starting to stink and they are currently located in the kitchen.)

So this begs the question what am I going to write?  A fine question to be sure but I have no answer.  I don’t know if it will be a short story or a novella or a full length book.  I feel the need and desire to create a world with my words.  To tell a story, some of it mine some of it someone else’s yet it belongs to all of us.  Time to create characters and situations and places to exist.

Since we slept in a bit this morning the kids are ready to go out but won’t go hang outside without me.  Stella just walked outside and stood on the porch sniffing the air.  Every little bit she would turn her head and look in at me.  Now she’d walked back inside and curled back up on the couch giving me the eye as she did it.  Essie is watching out the sliding glass door from a top a pile of blankets on the love seat.  Moose is draped across the other side on top of the pillow.

It feels more like an August or July day than a mid September day.  For that I am grateful.  I’m not ready to give up my warm days.  Neither are my little sun bunnies.  The kids love laying out in the sun.

My mind is wandering.  That is not  bad thing.  It means that the juices are starting to flow again.  That makes me happy.  So I guess I will step away from this and see what else I can write about.  Cheers!

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