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Buzzing Right Along

More rain seems to be headed to the South while we seem to stay at just enough.  I guess it rained here last night because Chris mentioned he got caught in it on the way home.  (Essie seems to be very needy right now.  She keeps coming between me and the keyboard.  She was the last one to get up this morning.  She is usually the first.  I had to go back into the bedroom and get her out so I could shut the door.)

My wrist is still bothering me but I am still doing stuff with it.  This morning the swelling is down considerably.  I am grateful for that .  As of right now I only have one pick up so that will free me to get some writing and reading done on my reviews.  It hurts less to write long hand than to type.  I did get the backyard mowed last night (which is a HUGE deal because I take forever to mow with probably a good acre involved and various obstacles involved) but I didn’t bother with the front.  Truthfully it doesn’t need it.  Nothing has really grown since the last time I mowed.  We are going to try to grow actual grass up front again.  But we have to wait until we aren’t parking on it anymore.  That being said the smaller of the garage doors arrived yesterday and supposedly they will be putting it in today (I am both happy and concerned… happy because it’s being done but concerned because I don’t want the girls to fight and I won’t be home to prevent anything).  The main door was damaged (again) in transit to the store.  So either he forgot he used that excuse already or they are very bad with handling doors at the store.

I had not intended to rattle on like this.  I had planned a nice orderly blog about … something.  Oh well.  Now it’s time for work so maybe I’ll write a short one later.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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