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A day off.  I know, I only work three days a week (unless I am writing for the paper).  But my days off are mine.  I can do what I want when I want without worrying about getting it done before someone shows up and I am home.  That means a lot.  I have access to things I need as well as the things I want (such as a specific food or movie etc).

I try to set goals for my days off.  It might be finish laundry or switch out dishes or clean out the mouse cage.  I always try to include atleast one or two writing goals as well.  Even if it is just doing this and doing some journal work.  I try to make time to play with the kids and work in the yard.  I usually get everything done.  What I don’t I plan to do the next day off or free time I have.

I have to keep myself focused.  If I let my mind wander too far it will naturally gravitate to what can go wrong or what is wrong that could get much worse.  That is why I have to be careful of how I set my goals.  If it is about money especially.  That is an easy excuse for my mind to unleash it’s anxieties (and mine) about bills and other money matters.  That is never a productive situation.  So I try to be selective in my thoughts and plannings.

Today’s goals are to figure out what books that I have read that need to be reviewed outside of my normal channels, namely places like GoodReads and Amazon.  I have been asked to read books and submit the review and it is someone else’s responsibility to get it out to the public.  This time I am going to do it myself (as some of the reviews have seemingly gotten lost or just not put out yet I will write a fresh one for each).  Even if I don’t get any further than making my lists today it is a start.

I also hope to start mulling around ideas for a book.  I need a project to get me moving again.  A book (be it fiction or not) is something I can take with me wherever I go to work on.  It gives me something to focus on.

The kids are getting restless so that is my cue to wrap things up.  Have a great day!

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