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More Excitement Than I Want

This morning I am a bit anxious as my wrist is very swollen and hurts.  A lot.  I have been keeping it elevated but that doesn’t seem to have made much difference.  It is painful and swollen.  I don’t have the time (nor funds) to go to the ER.  So I will keep you updated on that.  Positive thoughts, prayers whatever you care to send will be appreciated.  This is on top of finding out that it wasn’t a brake issue with the Jeep.  It maybe the more expensive option of the rear wheel bearing.  Lucky me!

On the good side the kids have been very good and have been patient with me not doing much.  We have still played a lot.  This might be all I write.  It is getting difficult to keep typing.  I already switched the mouse to the left hand.

After work we are dropping off Chris’s truck and then he will drop me home before he heads to work.  The plan was that he would be able to use the Jeep in bad weather but if it is a wheel bearing going… At any rate at least he has his motorcycle.

Geez.  Things didn’t feel so grim until after I wrote all this.  And I do need to get it moving.  I have to bring my riding gear to work.  Can I just not adult anymore?

I hope everyone has a great day!

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