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It’s the Weekend!

This morning is running a little behind.  I slept until 8am (yay!) but seem to be running to catch up (boo!).  Between life and the laptop this morning it had been quite the battle.  But here we are finally.  The kids are snoozing although Essie seems hyper aware of my whereabouts at all times this morning.  I’m not sure why.  She was like a little kids left out of a game that everyone else is playing when she couldn’t make room on the loveseat with her siblings.  She even sat on Stella in hopes that maybe she would get down.  Did not happen.


Everyone is ready to be outside this morning.  It is cool but the sun is shining and we haven’t see that for a few days now.  I may even putter in the gardens today.  We’ll see how the day unfolds.

Have you ever felt guilty for being content with what you were doing in you life?  Someone else is busting tail all the time and you are just coasting along doing what you need to and for once being happy…  That is very much me right now.  I am content where I am.  I’m working to do more but gradually.  Is it wrong?  Should I drop everything and go find a “real job”?  I don’t know.  I can tell you I don’t want to.  But that doesn’t answer the question.

Essie is very needy… She has come up to me while I’m on the laptop to get attention.  She never does that.  I hope nothing is wrong.  She is back on hemp oil for the pain.  She was very excited when I pulled it out to put in her breakfast.  Fingers crossed that it will continue to help.

I expected to be achy after the ride on Squirrel Thursday.  Hmmm… maybe I’m in better shape that I thought!  I think I will get a different seat at one point though.  But what I have works for now.  Chris spent half an hour before work the other day getting Squirrel back to right.  Cables were in the wrong place and things were bent making it unable to shift into lowest gear.  So he got all that together.  He also thoughtfully rewired the brakes so that it is set up like on the motorcycle.  No thought involved when I want to stop!  I think I need to find a sticker of a squirrel to put on my bicycle.  Putting a tail under my seat was also suggested but I have no idea where to start looking for a fake squirrel tail.  It would have to stick up too so as to not get caught in the tire/brake system.

Do you ever overwhelm yourself with everything that needs to be done that suddenly you feel like a deer in headlights and don’t even know where to start?  I make myself stop thinking about everything that needs to be done and pick one thing I can do now.  Once that is done then I allow myself to think (quickly to be sure) about things and pick one more thing that needs to be done and do it.  The goal is to get through as much as I can without looking at everything and freaking out.  When I am like this I won’t write a list because seeing everything staring back at me is just as daunting.

I got a rather cool thing in the mail yesterday.  On my other writing site,, I received a nice award.  My physical copy of this award showed up in the mail yesterday.  I was a nice surprise!

Well I have rattled on for enough.  Time to face the day.  Have a good one!

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