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Squirrels and other Critters

Things are dark and windy here.  Storms started rolling in during the wee hours this morning.  The wind is picking up so I’m guessing I won’t be pedaling in to work this morning.  Oh, Mom and I named the bicycle Squirrel after our squirrel joke and after the tv show Supernatural (if you’ve watched the series long enough you will get the reference).  We had a good long chat last night.  I talked with Dad the night before.

I have decided that my writing needs get done in the morning now.  If I try to do anything once Chris is up it doesn’t happen.  Once he is up the kids know that they can be loud and play.  The only time they will start to wind down is when dark falls.  And that is when I am usually winding down myself.

I did ride Squirrel yesterday, down to the lot and back.  I did well until about 3/4 of the way back I just wanted to stop.  I made myself keep going til I got home.  It took me about 12 minutes to get to work.  I rounded up to 15 minutes.  The trip back… I got home around 1:47pm and left around 1:24pm.  So a minute of two longer to get home.  I was pedaling into a head wind too.  Chris tinkered with Squirrel and rerouted the brake cables and adjusted my shifters and other cables.  So next time I ride it should be a bit better (I couldn’t find gears that I was comfortable with because I wasn’t able to use all the gears because of things being too close together).

Well the sun is up and still no contractor nor building team.  I understand it is raining but the work that needs to be done is primarily on the inside.  No excuses.  So I will call when I get a moment at work to see what is going on.  Oh we lost power last night too so that set everyone off.  The kids really freak out with no power.

Ok, I have babbled enough.  I need to get it together and get to work.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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