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Trying to Think Write

This morning is dawning tougher than I had hoped.  Not much sleep due to varied interruptions (I’ve essentially been up since 6am) and the enthusiasm I had on falling asleep has dissipated over the night.  And the electronics have gone wonky so it is making anything I do on the computer twice as difficult.

Everyone is asleep and clothes are going in the dryer.  I have my writing tools close at hand (paper and pen as I don’t trust electronics much, even on a good day).  Dammit.  I just saw the spot where Stella was sick and apparently she at one of Essie’s frisbees.  Honestly!  I had hoped we were past this!  Breathing…breathing.

It is supposed to not even hit 70F (21C) today.  I might be able to pedal to work and back to get a time once Chris gets up.  But tomorrow is supposed to be more rain so I don’t know if it will make a difference.  Yesterday the rain started just as I was heading home from work.  Had I pedaled in I would’ve been soaked by the time I got home.  Tomorrow looks to be the reverse.  Better to be soaked on the way home since I can change than on the way to work where I get to stay sodden til I get home.  So we’ll see.

I’m trying to keep all my writing ducks in a row.  It is difficult.  I have two new review books to take care of as well as post one of my reviews on various medias.  I was supposed to post them a while ago but I just never got around to it.  Mostly because I have to bounce between using the laptop and my phone to post everything.  I have the review written.  It’s not like I write the review and submit it and someone else takes care of publication.  With this I write and publish the reviews.  It is a bit of a pain and it is not a paying gig.  But if I do enough of them people will read them and come to me for reviews and writing projects that pay.

Everyone seems happy with the article I did on the MC barbeque.  It has been read online via the MCs Facebook page as well as shared to one of the other chapters of the MC.  Sooooo… oh and I also got a nice compliment from on of the members on the article.  All in all I am pleased with how things turned out.  I was such a fish out of water though.  Not knowing anyone was a tough deal but it worked out because I made friends as I went.

The gardens are still doing well.  Atleast the potted ones.  My poor loves in the front and side gardens have not gotten much attention and it shows.  They bloomed gang busters when I first started the season but now, since I spend most of my time in the backyard, it is all just big green plants.  I need to get out to all the other gardens and atleast clean them a bit.  I may take a shepards hook and put it out front to hang something from this year.  I have three.  If I do it before the weather turns too cold I can get a small bird feeder to put there and then it will be right by the front door which would make it easier to get to in crappy weather.

I seem to be droning on this morning.  Thanks for reading… I hope you have a great day!

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