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Struggling to Find the Rainbow

I’m not doing much online for two reasons.  One is that my wireless mouse isn’t working for some reason (yes I did change the battery and checked the dongle) and working with the built in mouse pad is giving me issues (there is a delay in what I tell the pad to do and what it actually does).  Second is that between menopause and depression I am having a rough time of it.  I am sort of blah with the world right now.

I am trying to keep a positive outlook but it seems to get harder each day.  Seemingly little things are getting me down.  So I find myself pending more time with my nose in a book.  I don’t have to think or make any choices.  I keep pulling out more books to read and I am forcing myself to pick and chose.  Only x amount of books at a time.

Oh a quick garage update.  I got a call from our original contractor who claims that they will be out towards the end of the week to get the garage finished.  We had a polite conversation but the fact remains that he did hang up on me.   So the drama continues.  Neither Chris nor myself are very optimistic about the outcome.  Another factor in my mental health.

I got up at my normal time with every intent in writing the article for last night’s meeting but that hasn’t happened. I will either write it when I get home or at the same time as the article for this morning’s meeting.  If I can get them both sent out today then I don’t have to be up at 6am tomorrow to get it done.  But truthfully I am not sure of when I will get them done.  I am only sure that they will be done and sent in on time.

It has been raining for a few hours now.  It started (thankfully) after Chris got home (he rode his bike in).  And I mean he wasn’t in the door but a few minutes when the rain started.  There was some thunder but no one had any issues this morning.  I was grateful.  The winds have been steady and strong since last night.  This afternoon is supposed to be hazy and around 82F (27C) so we’ll see if that helps at all.  Nice thing is I can leave the plants out again AND I don’t have to water them.

I need to get it together to go cover the meeting.  Thanks for reading.

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