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A Short Read

Yesterday was much busier than I anticipated.  The downside is I was wide awake too late (even with a sleep aide).  I did get my article written and sent out in record time this morning though.  Go me!

I got a lot of stuff around the house done like the kitchen is mostly clean and so is the mouse cage.  I think I got everything but three things off my long list of to dos yesterday.   I’m very happy with that.  The meeting last night ended in a surprise.  I got there and was worried because I saw no one else in the parking lot.  I noticed that the doors were open and wandered up.  Turns out we were doing a bicycle tour of some of the beaches to see what was needed for up keep etc.  Fortunately I was able to borrow a bike.  It was a fun time.  I was a bit worried because I literally had not been on a bicycle since I was in high school.  That will be 30 years ago next year for those of you who are counting.  I managed not to make a fool of myself.  It got a bit chill as we went along and a jacket was offered but I wasn’t bad.  I had worn a tank top and shorts to the meeting not knowing about the bike ride.  All in all it was fun.

Someone will be coming by to fix my screen this afternoon.  Hopefully after 2pm.  My window is between 1pmnd 3pm.  I see by the clock that I need to get myself together for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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