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So This Is Adulting

Adding a bit more drama and spice to our days will be the people who were doing the bonfire just across the two track the other day.  Yesterday afternoon and evening there were various trucks going in and out winding up their engines and also doing burn outs on the two track and our street.  Then there were the gun shots.  This fun lasted until around 9:30pm.  Stella was completely spooked by the one truck.  I don’t know if she recognized it or maybe it just reminded her of the place she came from before they dumped her on the road.  Mornings seem to be quiet.  Oh, and there are a bunch of RVs parked there now as well.  I may take a gander over there this morning while it is quiet to see what is going on.

I have contacted another contractor to finish the garage.  He is coming out Saturday to take a look at things.  Meanwhile our original contractor finally returned my call and said he was on the way to the hospital with his dad and would call me back this morning.  He left a voicemail because I wasn’t able to grab the phone.  So I texted him a thank you.  We’ll see if he calls today.

The phone repair person will be out tomorrow to fix my screen on my phone.  It has shattered and needs to be replaced.  Money I did not intend to spend but I can’t avoid it as I use my phone for work as well as home so the screen is in constant use and will just get worse.  So I will be doing a crash clean up around the house this afternoon.   It’s not bad but there are things (like dog snot on the windows) that I am a bit self conscious of that I will add to the list.

The weather is turning colder.  I am dragging my feet about turning on the furnace.   I leave the sliding door open in the morning for the dogs and that will set the furnace off after a few minutes (it is that cold in the mornings… I brought my plants in last night).  I am really not ready for this weather.  And not having the garage to put everything in (things are still piled in the house and in the yard that are meant to go into the garage like tables and tool boxes etc) is starting to stress me out.  I feel the tension headache coming back.

I have a meeting tonight that I am covering for the paper.  This weekend I should see my article on the front page.  GULP!  I am excited and scared.  Should I send a copy to the Leathernecks?  I don’t know.  I know some of the local group are from around here so they may see it without me saying anything.  I did mention it to a few people so they may look for it.  I guess we’ll see.  This will be my second front page piece.   I will share photos when it arrives.

This is getting a bit long so I will sign off for now. I hope everyone has a great day!  I will try to get more pictures of the yard and such today as well.


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