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Busy Busy

This morning will be another short one.   My article took longer than I expected.  I did a meeting last minute for the paper last night.  I should’ve gotten up earlier than normal but there was no way.  I was too tired.  I had to stay up later to finish the bedding. It was nice to have clean sheets and blankets last night.  The kids didn’t want to get up either but they were really good about doing so.  Everyone is in a different spot.  Essie is on the couch, Stella is on the loveseat and Moose is on his bed in the man cave.  he sun is actually up.  Weird getting up before the sun again.

I called and talked to a lawyer yesterday.  Seems we are between a rock and a hard place.  I will send out a letter to our contractor today giving him until the 20th of this month to finish the garage.  Then we will be suing him for breach of contract.  All this over a garage…

I don’t know how busy today will be at work but I know that the morning it packed pretty full.  I hate walking into appointments right from the get go.  So I guess I will leave a few minutes early so I can get there and get things together.  Today is supposed to be chilly.  I am going to wear my shorts but I will bring jeans just incase.

I apologize for not going and reading any of your posts today.  There just isn’t enough time this morning.  I will do my best to read some when I get home this afternoon.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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