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Coming Down

My pulse is racing.  I just sent the article to the paper.  I’m pretty proud of it all things considered.  I am just worried that they won’t.  We shall see.  I took a few photos.  Everyone was not able to give me their ok to be photographed so I tried not to get anyone in photos.  I fought with the article yesterday and got my word count.  This morning I pulled it all together and polished it up.

That being done I am going to spend some time on the phone later calling lawyers.  I have no idea what I am doing but I have a few names from friends that I can call and lay our case out.  I hope we can get this taken care of before the snow flies.  Again.

Well they got the article.  I almost for got to send in my invoice for August.  I also need to figure out if the meeting is still on for Thursday I believe it is.  I also need to change my Pooh calendar.  Sigh.  I think what is going to happen is I will finish this and curl up with a book.  We got a storm that went through here around 5am.  Poor Stella was pacing til it stopped.  Essie shook but eventually settled between my legs.  Moose did not care.  He just cuddled.  There wasn’t supposed to be any type of weather as of last night.  I’m guessing some of it is from the hurricane.  It has dawned cold and wet.

I feel bad for the kids.  I have not been very playful with them.  Yesterday was the article and this morning much the same thing.  I will try to play with them a bit more today.  Although the weather may just make them sleepy as well.

I am so relieved to have the article sent out I have no idea what to write about.  I have been focused on just that for days now.  I would like to know what I did in my sleep.  My abs seem to have gotten one hell of a workout!  My entire core is sore.  Ah well.  Atleast I’m getting some kind of workout there!

I’m gonna make this a short one.  My brain is just done right now.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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