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Miscellaneous Tidbits

Yesterday I didn’t get much done once Chris and I decided to go visit a friend.  I didn’t want to go alone so I sandbagged him.  But we pretty much spent the whole afternoon and evening together.  I did get a good start on my article for the paper that morning.  Once this is done I will finish and send it in.  I’m not sure if anyone will be at the paper today or not.  It is a holiday but it is a newspaper so it could go either way.

I went to bed late (again) but this morning when I awakened at our usual time I had one hell of a headache.  I opened the sliding glass door to the backyard and left it so the kids could go in and out.  Then I went back to bed.  The idea worked, mostly.  I am still fighting with the headache but it’s not as bad.

How do we have so much time yet there always seems to be so little of it (and so little done)?   I don’t have any plans but writing today.  I need to get myself into a habit of doing oh I don’t know say X amount of pages a day (outside of any articles or this or my journal).  Something fiction.

Part of me wants to take the bike out.  Even if it’s just going around the block (that is about a 10 mile trip for me).  But then that starts a war between riding and writing.  I’d rather ride now but I am primed to get the article done and I probably won’t be in the mood to ride later nor will I have the words later (not to mention the article needs to be sent today).  It is a catch 22.  I swear I do it to myself.  I want to ride when I know I can’t but when I can my anxiety will kick in and I won’t ride.  Ahhhhhh  this train of thought helps the headache go away (NOT!)!

The sun was in and out yesterday but mostly out.  This morning it is very cloudy and overcast.  Earlier there was not much breeze yet the clouds were flying by at a quick pace if you looked up.  I hope everyone down South and in the path of the hurricane will be ok.  They are sending shelter animals from the path of the hurricane up here to Michigan.  I am glad.

The headache seems to be getting worse so we must have some weather on the way.  I’m going to log off for now.  Sorry it’s not more interesting.   I hope everyone has a good day!

P.S.  The contractor still has not shown up nor will he answer the phone.  So I guess tomorrow I will place some calls to a few lawyers and see what we can do.

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