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Looking Forward and Remembering

Things are taking forever to load this morning.  The day has dawned dark and chilly.  We got much needed rain last night.  I do see some blue peeking out to the North though.  It will still end up being a Summer’s day for which I am grateful.  This summer has passed way too quickly.

I’m trying to figure out just what I want to do for the winter.  I should try to pick up another job maybe one or two days a week.  Something near by.  I have been looking off and on.  A lot of the things I thought about trying aren’t worth the drive for the pay so I keep looking.

Last night all three of the kids were sleeping in various positions with me on my side of the bed.  The nice thing was no one was taking up too much space.  I could still move if I needed to.  All three have been continuing to be very attentive to me.  It feels weird.  Right now Stella is asleep on the love seat behind me and the other two are asleep facing opposite directions on the couch.

I have started working out with weights.  I have a bar and two 25lbs. weights for it.  I’m keeping it at work and using them on my downtime.  So far so good.  I’m just doing simple exercises to start with.  As I get stronger I will expand the repertoire.  I will probably end up getting more weights as well but that is in the future.

We just had a big burs of sun from the East.  It shone all the brighter because of how complete and how dark the clouds are this morning.  It was really cool to watch.  Now the clouds are back in.  You can hear a lot of insects but only the occasional bird.  Atleast the wind has died down.  It was awful yesterday with trees leaning way over.

One of my close friends from growing up just got a new job over by my old house.  She said she thought about going to see if she could remember which on it was.  Immediately I rattled off the address and the exact location.  She said she would drive by and see what she could see.  I kinda hope she takes pictures.  I did drive Chris by there when we were downstate visiting Dad.  Mom and I both miss that house.

I’d better get myself going if I’m going to get stuff done around here.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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