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Making Some Choices

This is a very late morning blog entry.  I decided to sleep in a bit.  I feel better for it but I feel as though I am starting out behind.  Oh well, I will get over it.  Yesterday was spent with the family once Chris got up.  We did go to the fair but everything was a little lackluster so we wandered around for a little while then left.  I did run into a friend from my previous job and she and I chitchatted  for a bit.

I am doing my best not to beat myself up if I don’t get something done I had planned on.  Mostly to avoid stressing myself out.  I want to try to encourage myself to write more (I did get 4 pages in my journal yesterday and I did some reviewing on my other writing site) and not get upset if I don’t get any writing done.  That is hard because I feel that I am slacking off without reason in that department most days.  I don’t have any focus.  I don’t know what to write.  I start and stop on these various fiction ideas but don’t follow up.  It’s something I need to do everyday or I will be in the situation I’m in now.  But I need a focal point.  Maybe that needs to be today’s goal.  To find a focal point for my writing that I can go to everyday.

I think I will spend time outside today as well.  I have some potting soil that I need to put to use before it ends up all over the floor (the only place to keep it right now it by the sliding glass door and that is where everyone goes ripping in and out).  And that is just as well.  Some of the plants (all of them actually) are growing like gang busters and need to go into a bigger pot (if I have them).  If I can find another set of gloves around (Stella eat a pair) I will get in and around my three rose bushes out in the backyard and see about cleaning them up better and getting some kind of fence around them so they don’t get walked on.  I should dig up the irises that are all in there too.  They are all lined up along what used to be a fence.  Since I took the fence down they are kind of all in limbo just hanging out in the middle of the yard.  The big rosebush will stay.  I have no idea where I would move it to and I don’t want it to die.  The guys almost killed it as it was putting the new fencing up.  It does need to be trimmed though.

Well this stuff won’t do itself so I’d better get to it.  Did you notice how easily the gardening thing took over and the writing kind fell to the side?  That’s something I need to be working on.  I do all this other stuff and not my writing.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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