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Two Stepping

I got up extra early but I spent more time than normal doing things so I seem to be a bit behind.  Yesterday I was a bit overzealous and got a lot done.  Which would’ve been fine had it not been day four of me doing that.  By the time I got to bed last night my body was not happy with me.  It isn’t thrilled this morning but it is a damn sight better than last night.  And I would like to rest but no rest for the wicked.  We are talking about going to the local fair on Saturday.  If things keep up I will want to stay home.  But it is time together that we normally do not have doing things that we do not normally do.  So…

Essie looks so sweet in her blanket nest.  She usually has to have a nest before I leave for work.  And I try to oblige since she has been having problems with her walking and such.  The kids were very busy yesterday with two new toys and lots of play time.  The girls even played together without fighting.

I have to leave early this morning as well since they scheduled two people to get their things as soon as I get there.  So even getting there early may or may not work in my favor.  I try to have everything ready so all we do is sign paperwork and they get their things and leave.  But if they are there earlier than me I will have no time and feel rushed.  So I guess we will see.  And on that note dear friends I must leave you.  I will add some photos of the kids though.  Cheers!


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