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Days are getting shorter as nights are getting longer and chillier.  As much as I love Halloween and Fall I am not ready for my Summer to end.  I am not ready to have to keep the windows and doors shut against the cold and snow.  Chris and I joke that we need to have a place in Australia so we can just live Summer in both places year round.  Probably not going to happen but it is a fun thing to dream about.

Work ended up being a pretty busy place for the most part yesterday.  I tried doing some journaling but I never did finish my entry until I was in bed that night.  I am going to sit down at one point today and do some more journal work.

I have plenty to do today but I am not going to force myself.  I will probably get everything done but I will do a little here and a little there.  I have my interview due today as well.  That will take priority.  There are the usual domestic things that need to be taken care of but I want to try to set some time aside for creating.  Not just with my writing but in other mediums as well.  Be it photography or drawing (I have several books on drawing and watercolors that I have wanted to try) or just coloring (I have numerous coloring books… and not just adult ones I have Scooby Doo and the like).

My shoulders are particularly achy this morning.  Between the heavy lifting at work and everything I did here the day before my body is letting me know I have been busy.  In a good way though.  I’m not in pain because I did too much.  I’m achy because I pushed my limits.  I find that I whenever I think I am getting stronger I will throw a leg over the bike and feel like a complete weakling.  I need to try to cross-train.  There might be things I can do at work and such over the course of my days that will translate to being a better rider.

Time for me to stop talking about doing things and do them.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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