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Sleepless Nights

Once again Mother Nature and I are in synch.  Things just looked overcast when I got up around 6:45am but now a very thick fog is moving in.  That is what I feel like right now.   I got most of my stuff done yesterday and I am so very very tired.  The front yard get mowed and weed whacked.  I sprayed down both the bike and the car (pollen and grass).  I got the wheels on the car checked with the help of the guys (we think it is the brake pads).  I made puppy treats.  I got the freezer de-iced.  Oh and the outside plants got watered.  Chris got the drain snaked and ran cleaner and lots of hot water through and asked me to get a replacement cap for the drain.  That seems to have worked.  When I ran the dishwasher last night everything drained for once.

In my dreams last night I was thinking about cutting my hair very short.  I woke before anything happened but I wonder.  I had short hair once as a kid and thought I looked like a boy.  I don’t like myself with short hair but I am always pulling it back anyway so I don’t know.  I was in and out of sleep.  Not enough in though.

I am sad to say that the driver from the other day texted to thank me and let me know he decided to have his dog put down.  The cancer was just too aggressive.

I am jealous listening to the dogs snore.  Stella heard something around 5 or 5:30am and barked.  I was too tired to yell at her.  I almost got up.  But I opted to try for a little more sleep.  I did get some but not enough.  I hope Chris can get some.

I think today will be spent writing at work.  There is not much to do as of right now so I will bring all my tools and see what I can come up with.  I need to find a way to increase my income.  I keep dragging my feet but I need to step up and step out of my comfort zone.

Well by the clock I need to get going.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!


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