Life, Thinking


It looks as though it will be another sunny day.  So what am I going to do with today?  I have an interview to write, treats to make, a front yard to be mowed, brakes to be checked (yes still)…  I could go on.  I think today I feel the need to be busy instead of just reading or playing with the dogs.  We’ll see how much gets done today.

I find my mind wandering from place to place this morning.  I wonder if my friend John will feel good enough to write me an email tonight when he gets home.  I hope that one of my drivers and his family are going to be ok after having to put done one of their beloved dogs.  I wonder if I dare think about bills and writing (can I avoid getting anxiety).  I wonder when they will start again on the garage (apparently the permit has been gotten by our contractor as of yesterday) and if we will ever have a finished garage.  I put together a mental list of what I should do today and think about what I can blow off if I want to.  I toy with the idea of taking the bike out before Chris gets up.

Eventually I will have to pull my mind into drydock and actually have to get up and do something.  As much as I love and use lists they can also be a great procrastination tool.  I have been known to use them as such.  Especially if I’m not sure what to do about the situation.  I have a feeling today might be one of those days.  But maybe not.  Maybe I will get some of the things accomplished or even all that I would like to get done.

Every time I stop typing one or more of the dogs will pick a head up and look at me with a bit of hope.  So I guess that is their way of telling me to get my day started.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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