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A Quiet Day

Today I think will be interesting.  Random things are not working for one reason or another (or working as they should).  My phone acted like it was dead when I tried to turn it on and turn my alarm off before it started.  But when I plugged it into the power charger to charge it quickly it came on and was fully charged.  My laptop was cruising along the net until I tried to log on here then suddenly there was no internet.  Things are just going a bit off today.  Hmmmm……. (the period button would not work just now either)

I’m not sure how the day will go if this is the case.  Today will either make or break our contractor.  If a new building permit doesn’t arrive by tonight I get to call the county and tell them he is no longer our contractor and find someone else to finish the garage.  There has still been nothing done.  The only phone calls happening are on our end.  Soooo I may be one the phone with a friend who has contacts in the building world up here.  We are so over this crap.

Anxiety has been at a minimum lately which is a nice change.  Sadly yesterday’s storm set off a sinus headache that made itself into a migraine.  So that kinda shot the whole day.  I did get Calypso’s “new” cage set up she seems to like it.  There is a lot more room in this one.  I also found that the glass had cracked all the way through toward the top.  So I am glad I switched out the cages.  I also taped over one of the bottom corners with a bunch of plastic bags so that the kids would not hit their heads when they got a drink of water.  I was able to fit it where the old tank had been but it sticks out further.  I also found her a bigger bowl? dish? that she can soak in and drink from.  Her other one was much too small and she was always trying to soak bits when she could.  Now she can.  I had some branches set up for her to move around on and she seems to have pulled them down.  There is no good way to keep them propped so as long as she uses them I will probably have to put them back up.  Atleast she is happy and much more active.

I see by the clock that I had better get myself moving for work.  Hopefully all goes well!  Have a great day!


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