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Days Are looking Brighter

The days are gradually getting better.  We had a long talk about what happened last weekend.  What impressed me was how our conversation was very organic.  Neither one of us ever asked a question.  What we needed to know and talk about came into the conversation over the course of things.  That meant a lot.

As I am gradually moving into a better place mentally I am trying to step back and look at things that need to be changed completely or even just improved upon.  So after I finish this today I will sit down and make one of my many lists.  Lists help me see what needs to be done at any given time.  They show me where I am versus where I want or need to be.  I make a lot of lists.

The kids have been very affectionate the past few days.  More so than normal.  Stella has been quite the cuddle bug (much to Moose’s dismay).  Essie just wants to be where I am and let me know she loves me (I will get random kisses out of the blue when she wakes up).  Moose is Moose.  Very much my boy and protector/guardian.  I am blessed to have all of them.

I have moved on to Agatha Christie’s Murder In Mesopotamia for my reading.  It has always been one of my favorites.  Some day I will read all her books in order.  Mom had all of them at one point but accidentally gave part of them away before she gave me the lot.  So I need to figure out what is missing.  It is cool though because some of them are from overseas.  One I was reading didn’t even have a U.S. price on there.  And all of them are old.  Yes they are paperbacks (Mom and I prefer them for stashing in a bag when we are going somewhere) but I am still very proud of how well they are holding up.

I keep talking about things I need to do or want to do with my writing.  It all sounds and feels wonderful until I post the blog and log off.  Then it drifts off into the ether.  I need to put some serious effort into things.  I think Mother Nature is trying to nudge me with her various wild ones.  The other day a black and blue butterfly kept coming in the house and staying.  It would come in the sliding glass doors from the backyard and eventually I would let it out the front door.  It did this atleast 3 or 4 times over the course of an hour.  Yesterday morning the kids and I were outside on the deck and 3 rather large geese flew very low over head and once they were over us honked.  The butterfly symbolizes transformation.  The goose is bravery and loyalty.

I think part of my writing problem is that I am the only one I know that is a writer.  I have no one to talk to about it.  There are a lot of writers via twitter and such but no one really is talking.  It’s more like someone makes a meme or a statement and people either agree or disagree.  And as much as some of these people are on social media I have to question how much writing is actually getting done.  But that is just me.  They may be just fine.

Ok, this is turning into a long post so I am gonna stop here.  Thanks for reading and thank you for the comments.  I enjoy talking with you!  Have a great day!



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