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Being 47 Years Old

Yesterday was a good day.  I read all day at work because none of the transporters who were scheduled showed up.  One of the guys who works at the campgrounds behind the lot brought me a card, some Nutty Buddys, a Gatorade and my favorite donut with a candle in it and sang happy birthday to me.  When I got home to open my present from Chris he had gotten me the cover for the Pearl that got damaged when I had to lay her down.  So now I can seriously work on getting her back up and running.

I think the best bit was the love and well wishes from my various friends on my social media spots (I include this in that category).  What made me feel really good was I could put a face to every name.  In past years I have gotten well wishes in the 100s and I always thought it was cool that they came from around the world.  This year I just cracked 60 people.  But I knew all of them.  And that makes me feel good.  I am starting to look at quality and not quantity.  I surprised myself.

I almost missed seeing Chris before he left for work.  I high tailed it from work to gas up the car, ran to Kalkaska to the bank to cash the check then I headed to the Secretary of State to get my tabs.  Normally getting my tabs in an in and out thing but being a Friday it was a little more crowded than normal.  But we moved right along despite that.  Maybe 15 to 20 minutes of waiting that would’ve probable been an hour any place else.  But I got home and was able to spend a few minutes with Chris before he left.

I got Calypso (she is my ball python) a new cage (new to us that is).  It was another birthday gift of sorts.  I am going to try to get her set up in it today.  The only bad thing about it is I somehow cut my leg when I was carrying it.  I think it is a deep cut even if it is only say less than an inch long.  I think I know where on the cage it came from so I need to watch out for that (it has to do with the lid being off so no Calypso is not in any danger of being hurt).  I keep meaning to clean the cut because it hurt like the dickens when I did it at work loading the tank into the car.  But I forgot about it after a while.  But this morning Essie bumped it and reminded me so I am going to do that once I finish this.

Today has started rather overcast and gloomy but that is ok.  I am going to hunker down with a book (I am now on to Agatha Christie and her books).  I started a new journal on Thursday even though the Supernatural one  still had room.  It felt right.  The other one held so much hurt from this past weekend I didn’t want to open it.  So I started another.  I think that has helped my mood as well.  Something new and fresh to work with.

Thank you again for all your kind works and support.  I hope everyone has a great day!



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