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Treading Water

It wasn’t supposed to rain at all according to all the weather people.  I am glad they were wrong.  We need the rain.  I feel rather blue so it is also appropriate for my mood.  I am meeting Mom around 11am today.  I am going to give her some knitting supplies as well as some seeds for milk weed plants and sweet pea plants.  Chris is working this weekend so I will see him for an hour tomorrow before he heads to work.  And yes I am working on my birthday.  We need the money.

We have been invited to a friends 50th birthday party on Sunday.  It sounds childish but I get tired of going to celebrate others birthdays and if mine gets celebrated it is because I planned something.  The other hitch is if Chris works all weekend he’s not going to want to go anywhere on his one day off.

I am proud of Stella.  She went out in the rain to got to the bathroom without me having to coax her out.  Her two siblings however had to be coaxed out to do business.  Last night everyone slept on my side of the bed.  At one point Essie pushed her way up to my pillow and curled up just above Moose.  Stella spent the night sleeping between my legs.  She came out to the living room around 6am to sleep.

I am having a hard time getting to sleep after 3am.  That is usually when Stella hears anything that might be Chris coming home and starts barking.  It doesn’t seem to matter how sleepy I am either.  Once the mind is awakened it starts to think about what is wrong with me my life.  Or better still what can go wrong.

Looks like the rain has lightened up.  I finished mowing the backyard last night (Chris started) and I was going to try to do the front today.  That will depend on how long the rain lasts.  I may end up doing it tomorrow.  I still haven’t done anything with my brakes on the car.  I pulled the Jeep into the garage so I could do it today but I guess we’ll see how that goes after I get back.  I’m not taking the wheels off and trying to fix things before I go (which should be done truthfully).

I hope everyone has a great day.  Thanks for reading!

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