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Working Forward and Trying Not to Look Back

The mornings are getting darker when we get up.  Soon it will be complete dark when we get up.  Not looking forward to that.  If it is dark when I get up that makes it harder for me to wake up.  And I also worry about no light at work in the mornings once winter arrives.  It should be interesting.

I got both my articles in not long after Chris got up yesterday.  The meeting only lasted an hour so I was able to come home and get started early.  It felt good to get it all done.  I thought about waiting but no point if I had the time.

Today feels like Friday for some reason.  Maybe because I talked with both my parents yesterday.  Well last night.  I didn’t feel like talking to anyone until around 7:30pm or so.  I still haven’t written in my journal since Friday.  I tried to write in it last night about what happened this weekend but I couldn’t.  I got maybe three lines in and decided nope.

I need to got into Traverse to go to my bank but I am worried about my rear brakes (I still haven’t gotten around to puling off my rear tires and checking the calipers).  I have to take four wheels because if I stop at Mom’s to get my gift it won’t fit on the bike.  And I do want to spend some time with her and the girls.  I thought about going after work today but I may wait until tomorrow and take the kids or just wait until he weekend if we are going to be in town.  Although if we are going to be in town it will be after the banks are closed so I guess that is a moot point.

The month is almost half over.  That is scary.  For me August is the last month of Summer.  Fall begins with September.  And I am not ready for that.  With that comes the cold and Winter.  I am not a fan of either one.  This year I am going to be especially cold with my job being outside most of the time.

The vet really wanted me to give Essie more pain medication to help her rest and get better.  If Essie feels better that means she will do more.  She won’t rest and heal up.  That’s just how she is.  I also called the contractor and now the garage is supposed to be finished by the end of the month.  “As we discussed Friday.”  What WE discussed Friday was it being done by Sunday of this week.  What my husband told you was that you had til the end of the month before he ruins your career.  Oh well.  I just want it done.

I guess I need to get it together and head to work.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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