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Tentative Steps Forward

Things still hurt but things are getting better.  Unfortunately Essie is not felling at all well this morning.  She got me up in a panic to go outside around 7am and she has been in and out several times.  She hasn’t eaten her breakfast either.  I am glad I have the day off so I can keep an eye on her.  The vet wants to give her more pain medication.  I’m not going to do that because if there is something more wrong I need to know.  She is hard enough to diagnose with this limp.  And I don’t want her causing further issues because it doesn’t hurt.  I will have to call and let them know later this morning.

I have a meeting to go to at 9am and I’m guessing I will be home around 11am.  This one usually lasts longer than the hour it is scheduled.  Once I get home I will probably write both articles and send them in.  I was going to do last night’s meeting this morning but I decided not to.  I wanted to try to get myself rested, atleast mentally since Essie needed to be out early.

There has still been no action or things delivered for the garage.  This will be another phone call I make this morning.  (I think I will leave the sliding glass door open when I go.  Essie has hustled out there again and she just laid down.)  I was told that things would be done by the 18th.  I don’t see that happening with the work that needs to be done and the timeframe.  And I guess I either need to start looking for a lawyer or consider small claims court.  I don’t know what else to do to get things finished.

I want to try riding the bike today but I don’t know if my head is in the right spot.  I still may.  I find myself excited rather than anxious.  But that can change with me at the drop of a hat.  And with everything that has been going on…  I don’t know.

My Aunt and Uncle from Florida are finally up in Michigan but I cannot go see them.  That bums me out as well.  They were supposed to be up in July but had to cancel.  I was hoping to go downstate to spend some time with them.  Nuts, I just looked at the clock and I need to get myself together and get out the door.  Thanks for reading.  I hope everyone has a great day!  And thank you all for the support.  It means a lot.

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