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Enjoying Life

I slept so hard last night that I am still sleepy.  I find it interesting that scientists insist that we cannot start dreaming as soon as we fall asleep.  It has to take atleast an hour.  If I am wiped out I can fall asleep right into a dream.  I can also fall asleep back into the same dream where I left off on occasion.  Maybe I’m just weird.

I managed to flip my weeks for the paper.  Fortunately I talked to the editor before I did anything.  Next week is my Monday and Tuesday meetings.  This week is only Thursday night.  So I only have tonight that I am coming home then going back out.  I am looking forward to tonight with Mom.  We usually have a good time when we do classes together.  I hope the weather holds off til I can get home after the class.  We are supposed to have more storms tonight.

I can proudly say I got a lot done yesterday.  Dishes and laundry are done.  Puppy treats are made.  I tried to mow but there is something wrong with the mower so I will have to get into that tomorrow afternoon.  I will ask our neighbor Dan to take a look.  Speaking of which (that being out neighbors) I took Moose and Stella with me to make my car payment (Essie isn’t big on car rides) and then we went to the store and I got four bones so I could give one to Ellie across the street.  I guess she loved it.  I ended up chit chating for a half hour or so because I didn’t want to just give her the bone and leave (she was outside).  I knew she had never had them before and I wanted to ask if she could have it.  I know I would want someone to ask me for my kids.

I have to laugh.  Their relationship to Ellie is a lot like Chris and I with our kids but in reverse.  I am the one that needs the dogs.  Chris loved them and would do anything for them but I am the only reason that they are here.  With our neighbors he is the one who needs Ellie.  His wife loves Ellie but the only reason the dog is there is for him.

It is almost time to go so I’d better wrap this up.  For those of you who care or don’t know we lost Toni Morrison yesterday.  She won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993 and a Pulitzer Prize in 1987.  An amazing person.  She will be missed.

To share smiles I’ve loaded up some pictures from the kids and around the yard.  Cheers!


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