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Wow.  So much death and destruction day after day.  So much hate and hurt.  So much of “my way is the right way and I will not listen to you.”  I see so much of that and I am grateful that we haven’t moved from here.  We have that at times here but things seem to be a more give and take (mind you I said “seems”) with politics and belief.  It is scary to see everything that is basically coming apart in our world.  It’s easy to think I’m not a part of it living up here in Northern Michigan but I still am a part of it.  I have family and friends in the affected areas, we own firearms, we have opinions.

I got a sweet surprise at work yesterday.  My co-worker had been working downstate this past week and stopped by the lot to check on me yesterday morning.  First thing he did was give me a hug and ask if everything went ok last week.  I hugged him back and we chatted about how things went for both of us.  I forget that friendships develop over time (even only after a few months) and that people really do care about each other.

So maybe that is what I want to say this morning.  Yes there is a lot of death and destruction going on but there are people who still care.  They care about what happens to their neighbor, their co-worker the person they just chattered with in line at the grocery store.  Hold on to that nugget of truth.  As long as there are people who care there is hope for all of us.

Please don’t think that I am being naïve and saying love will save the world (well maybe a little).  What I’m saying is that there are still good people out there that can and do make a difference.  Right now the bad seems to be out weighing the good.  But there will be those days that the good out weighs the bad.

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