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Wait… Was That Summer?

Here it is the start of another week.  The first full week of August.  Where has the summer gone?  It seems I was longing for it only a short while ago.  Now it is almost my birthday which means POOF!  Summer has disappeared.  The sun still stays up late and gets up at a reasonable time.  The days are still warm (even hot).  But you can feel the little things changing.  The feel and smell of the wind.  How the animals are acting.  How the plants are growing.

It’s hard to believe that Dante has been gone about three months now.  There are days I still look for him.  Or I will tear up a treat into four pieces instead of three.  I miss him.

Not much sleep was had last night.  After I turned the light out I just kind of stared into the dark for a long while.  I finally did fall asleep for a little bit but when Chris came to bed I was wide awake.  I think I dozed around 5am but then Stella had to go out around 5:30am.  It was still dark so I waited for her.  We went back to bed but she needed out again around 6:30am.  This time I left the door open and went back to bed.

Stuff for the garage is supposed to show up between Monday and Wednesday.  We’ll see how that goes.  If nothing is here by the time I get home Wednesday more phone calls will be made.  I just want this garage done so we can get what we need in there before the snow flies.  Things are just piled in the yard and house because they are for the garage and there is no place to put them.  It is very frustrating.

I look at the clock and it is already time to get it together to head out the door.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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