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Two Steps Forward With No Steps Back

Another chilly morning.  It’s around 45F (7C) right now.  Work will be brisk!  I’ve been awake since Chris came to bed around 4am.  He pushed Stella off the bed since she wouldn’t move over so she came to my side of the bed and tried to walk across everyone to get back to that side of the bed.  So I grabbed her and laid down and she fell right to sleep.  She had her head on my pillow  and was on her back.  Moose was on my other side and was sleeping with his head on my other shoulder.  Essie was curled up at my feet.  (Wow.  It’s cold enough the furnace just came on!)  I gave up on sleep around 6:45am.  Funny enough I was actually comfortable.  I just couldn’t sleep.

I had a good long talk with both my parents last night.  Dad has always been worried about what he knows being lost after he dies.  So I told him to get a recorder of some kind and when something reminds him of a memory or an idea to just talk to the recorder.  Once he fills so many tapes (or fills a flash drive if he is using digital) he can send it to me and I will transcribe it and  even see if we can get it published at one point.  He was surprised that I would do something like that for him.  I asked him why he was surprised.  It was fairly easy to do.  But it was such a big deal for him that he didn’t think anyone else cared.  It’s sad that he felt like that.  Regardless he is over the moon now so all is good.  I will ask him if he found the app he thought he had on his phone to record things later today.

I am proud to say I pitched an idea to the paper for an article so at the end of the month (August that is) I will be attending a local annual motorcycle rally to report and take photos.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I will do some asking around on my down time at work since the event will be in the campgrounds right behind the lot.

Essie doesn’t seem to want to be by Stella.  As soon as Moose got off the couch to go lay on “his” bed she hopped right down and took over his spot on the couch.  Now Stella has her face smushed into the pillows behind her on the loveseat.  Weirdo.  I guess I need to get myself ready for work.  Cheers!

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