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Anxiety Ruling the Roost or Trying to Find the Light in the Dark

There are to be more storms this morning after I leave for work.  The kids would be ok if it was just rain but there is supposed to be thunder and lightening involved.  I worry about them.  But there is nothing I can do sadly.

Despite my post yesterday was a bad day for me.  Once the blog post  was done I went ahead and submitted my book review.  By the time I had completed that my mental state was a shambles.  I was worried about everything.  I was freaked out by everything.  My anxiety sky rocketed as the day went on.  I hardly played with the kids.  I pretty much sat in front of the tv trying to lose myself in other places than my own problems.  This morning is better but not by much.  I can atleast function this morning.

Stella doesn’t feel good which means she probably ate something she shouldn’t have.  She got me up around 4:15am and spent about and hour outside then again around 6:40am.  At that point I let her out and just stayed up.  Essie and Moose are both a bit mopey but I think that is because they are worried about me.

Still no one to work on the garage.  Still no doors for the garage or other missing parts.  So I’m not sure what we are going to do.  Sadly I think a lawyer might be consulted.  At the rate we are going I don’t think it will be ready for Fall.  Again.  The contractor is back to not answering his phone or returning our calls.  I will try again from work if I have time.  Speaking of which I need to get ready to go.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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