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The Beginning…

Another late night last night.  This time we were up watching “Jaws” in honor of Shark Week.  We are still divided as the best way to view sharks.  I want to be in the water with them and Chris prefers to watch from a boat.  Chris because curious and fell in love with sharks because of that movie.  I on the other hand never really cared until I met Chris.  He is the one who taught me more about sharks (despite all the research and learning on ocean life that I had done on my own) than anyone else.  And you don’t want to watch a shark documentary with him either.  If there is a mistake he will find it and he will point it out.

I always found it funny that for all our knowledge we know less about our oceans than we do about other planets.  But is that good or bad?  What would we do with the knowledge?  Or would we continue to dive deeper and deeper to bring things up to study them that are better left alone?  I don’t mean horror movie monster I mean the last of a species or just plain we don’t need to kill something to learn about it.  I know, you can’t have it both ways.  You either gain the knowledge or don’t.

Sharks are fascinating though.  Oldest animals (I use the term very loosely here) on the planet virtually unchanged for thousands of years.  Ok, millions.  I just did some nosing around and sharks are actually older than trees!  The oldest is the Goblin shark.  They are 118 million years old.  How about that!  Amazing that Nature created “perfect” animals that never had to change in millions of years.  Imagine if that had been humans.  What if we had never changed?  Where would we be?  What would we be?  Something to ponder…

Well happy beginning of Shark Week!  Cheers!

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