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It’s Almost the Weekend

This morning has dawned with a chill but bright.  I am grateful for all the positive input for the interview I shared yesterday.  I have a book review that should be published soon as well as one more in the pipes to go out this weekend.  I also have one that I need to get typed into the various sites like Goodreads and Amazon.  That will be for this weekend.

I’m not sure how busy I will be at work today.  That is ok.  I will bring stuff to read.  It is supposed to be another warm day so we’ll see how things fare.  I truthfully don’t know what to write about this morning.  I spent pretty much all of yesterday either in pan or in a funk.  I moved the bike out of the garage.  They need to fix that.  I almost dumped the bike getting it off the bike pad because the rain has washed away all the sand they piled up there (oh surprise!) so it’s a drop of almost 3-4 inches into very loose sand.  The bike tried to go one way and my feet were all over the place in the sand trying not to slide.  Ha ha ha.  It wasn’t pretty but I am very grateful that I didn’t go down.  They are supposed to be here today to do some work (no idea what since there has been no delivery of supplies).  They better figure out the entrances to both the cement areas so that they are motorcycle friendly.  I’m not holding my breath as to if they will show up today.  It has been over a year and after that week’s spurt of action nothing has happened.  We don’t even have any doors except for the regular one that goes to the backyard.

Today I just want to sleep.  I’m sure the kids will want to play since we didn’t do much yesterday.  We played a little but it just got too hot to keep throwing toys.  Stella did get zoomies once or twice and that got them going but most of the time everyone was laying down.  They were very patient with me.  I guess I’d better wrap this up and get ready for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!


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