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Working Through Anxiety

The crunch was on this morning but I got the article written and out earlier than I thought I would.  Either I am getting better or I forgot something.  lol  I hope today goes better.  It’s not that anything bad happened yesterday but I had to deal with both anxiety and depression.  They can be difficult one on one but when you put them together it can be overwhelming.  It looks as though I will be busy right out of the gate this morning at work so I need to leave a few minutes early to go to work.  I can feel anxiety trying to creep in.

I wonder if I need to move Rogue off the bike pad or not.  They were supposed to be here yesterday to work on the garage but (surprise) no one was.  My bike is the only things still in the garage.  I don’t want to deal with starting and moving the bike before work so I guess I will leave him and hope if they show they can work around him and not wake Chris up to move him.  And this too will add to my anxiety.  I keep hearing vehicles going by so I am watching to see if anyone shows up.  Usually between 7:30 and 7:45am so it would be before I left for work.

My anxiety is making my typing skills crappy so that in turn is making me angry and thus adds to things this morning.  I am tempted to make another cup of coffee.  It is very chilly this morning (50F or 10C).  But our high is 82F (27C) so it should warm pretty quickly once the sun is completely up.

It turns out that Essie was stung by something yesterday morning when she went out to go to the bathroom.  I called the vet and it turned out the vet tech’s dogs had done the same thing over the weekend.  Fortunately we had Benadryl so Essie got that and that seemed to fix her right up once it got working.  She was sleepy for a bit but a few hours later she was fussing to play and the swelling in her leg was way down.  And no vet visit!  YAY!

I see by the clock I need to wrap this up.  I hope everyone has a great day!



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