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Trying to Look Forward

Well I did it.  I got the review book read yesterday.  This morning I hope to get two reviews written.  We’ll see how busy work is.  I also got treats made yesterday.  It was a near thing.  I wasn’t feeling all that great.  Still not but things gotta get done.  I repotted two plants yesterday.  One was my bamboo and the other was a plant from my grandfather’s funeral a few years ago.  I hope this helps them both.  Neither plant was doing well.

We thought about pulling the vehicles out of the garage but I asked if they were supposed to come anytime soon.  The electrician might be out some time this week.  Hmmph was my response.  No parts have arrived (we need two doors as well as various bits of siding as well as a roof cap) so there is nothing for anyone to do.  So the vehicles might just as well enjoy being where they are for a bit.

Someone was nice enough to gift me an upgraded membership at my other writing site.  They did it anonymously so I cannot thank them.  It makes me feel like I can do something when someone has faith in my writing enough to do that.  I think I know who it was.  Someone I was mentoring who has taken off with her writing.  I’m grateful for both.

Stella got me up around 4am to go out (I was very proud) then threw up on the bed at 5:30am (not so proud).  Moose had to go out at 6am.  We got up at 7am.  Thankfully I was tired enough I fell back asleep rather quickly but still… Oh well.

Mom and I texted a few times yesterday.  I wasn’t really up for it. She tried to be positive but we didn’t really talk.  I was trying to get through my review book as she texted as well so that didn’t help.  Dad wanted to talk but when I responded he never got back to me.  Sent me an email but nothing else.  So we didn’t really talk either.

The girls are asleep behind me and Moose is on the couch.  I guess I feel just blah this morning.  We’ll see what happens once the coffee kicks in.  I’m tempted to bring more than normal this morning.  I am trying to be positive and feel good about things.  Maybe I need a piece of jewelry (necklace or bracelet) to help.  I might have something in my office.  My stones are all in the bedroom.  I’ll find something to help.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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