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A Sleepy Day

More late nights (this time sending time with the husband) even though we did have more storms in the afternoon.  Things looked bad enough we moved all four vehicles into the garage.  We were fortunate that we didn’t get the hail nor any tornados.  It was weird to actually use the garage.  For over a year now all we’ve done is look at it and “Ok, when the garage is done this can go here and then this there.”  There are still no doors (witness the bird droppings all over inside… oh and I found another nest under the stairs) and things still need to be “finished” but it is useable.  I have no idea when things will actually be finished.  It is nice to look out the front window and actually see the front yard instead of a parking lot.

I think the kids are disappointed that I got up so late.  I think they want to play as well.  The sun is out so I believe some time will be spent out of doors today.  They were very busy yesterday despite the storm and initial heat.  The temps dropped after the storms rolled through.  I was able to talk to Dad for a bit last night.  He wants to chat again today but I need to get off my butt and do things today.  I just haven’t felt like doing anything I am supposed to this weekend.  Partly due to not feeling all that great but I need to buckle down and get it together today.  I almost got up early to get going on everything but I am just so very tired lately.

I need to do treats, training, write out some questions for my author, read like nobody’s business and do two book reviews.  I should also try to write something on my short story I started at work.  I consider that writing for me since no one has asked me to write a short story.  I feel so inept right now.  I should be able to sit down and turn out a decent article.  But nope.  I am doing everything cut and dry.  No feeling.  Which is one reason I started the short story.  I am really disappointed in myself right now.  But I need to keep moving forward.  One foot in front of the other.

I haven’t written to my Aunt and Uncle in Florida either.  I owe them an email atleast.  I should sit down and maybe sent a local post card.  I think that would be fun.  I could get a few post cards and send them out to people.  No idea how much post cards are anymore.  I know they have them at the grocery store just down the road.

Always irritates me.  I go to look something up locally and purposely type in Michigan and they still give me crap from South Dakota.  Grrrr.  Another bit of irritation for me is when people do general maps they never get Michigan right.  We are the most distinctive and easy to draw states yet no one can be bothered to get us correct if they remember to put us on at all.  A mitten.  How hard is that?  Yet when you see North American maps in ads and such they always forget Michigan.  Sorry, I will get off my soap box now.

Looks like today will be sunny and warm.  So that is good.  I guess it is time to get myself together and do something off my list.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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