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Storms, Toys, Heat and Fun

My apologies for the late post.  I had to try to get some kind of sleep.  I stayed up to atleast see Chris after he got home last night (1am or so).  We spent some time together and as I was getting ready to go to bed… the storm hits.  Since that morning’s wasn’t as severe as they predicted I was hoping that they would be wrong again.  No such luck.  I was so tired it hurt.  But the girls were terrified.  Moose has decided not to be scared anymore.  I made it until 2 or 2:30am before I remembered that we had Benadryl.  So I gave the girls each one.  I was so tired that if they spit it out I shoved it in far enough they had to swallow it down.  Normally I would’ve put it in some meat or cheese.  They weren’t too happy but it seemed to do the trick.  They seemed to calm down.  I woke around 3am (I think) when Chris came to bed and all was well.  They woke me with panting once in a while and I would make sure they were ok.

When I woke up at 7am or so to open the door to let them out I found Essie on my pillow wrapped around my head, Moose draped across me and Stella stretched out beside my bottom half.  I opened the door for outside and we went back to bed.  When I got up for the day Stella was on her back across the top of the bed with her head on my pillow and her butt aimed at Chris, Moose was beside/across me and Essie was at my feet.  My little blessings…

After work yesterday I went to get the kids meds and met Mom for lunch.  We had Thai.  I had coconut water and a coconut dish (I cannot remember the name).  I can’t begin to express how awesome that coconut water was!  I love just about anything coconut and I think that stuff might just top the list!  Especially as hot as it was.

I got two more plants on the way home.  Sigh.  This is becoming an addiction!  They were both deeply discounted.


I also picked up some new toys for the kids.


I had very happy pups.  They also have bones for today and tomorrow.  The heat is supposed to continue so this will help.  And it will keep them busy for a while.


In this pic the kids (despite the heat) constantly wanted to play once I got home.  They would rest for a few minutes then insist on starting again.  I had to bribe them to not be so busy (the heat index alone here was over 103F (39C)) with ice cubes and belly rubs.

Another highlight was Mom gave me two books that she had gotten me.  One was on Egyptian hieroglyphs and the other was what I am calling a supplement cookbook to one I already have.  Have had since I was four years old as a matter of fact.


I have used that cookbook all of my life and it has traveled with all over the country. It is small but simple. I have shared basic recipes with coworkers as well. I am glad that the newer one (on the right) stayed with the same basic formula. And the recipes are from many more movies which cover many cultures so that is an added bonus! I can’t wait to try them!

Ok. This is getting long. Sorry about that! Coffee is kicking in. I hope everyone has a great day! ❤️🐾

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