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A Gardening We Will Go!

I had a lot of fun yesterday with my friend!  After we did lunch (our server was very good as was the food but the 30-45 minute wait to get said food then another 10 minutes to wait for the bill was a bit much) we decided to drop my car off at my house then take her car to go to the local plant nursery.

We wandered here. there and everywhere looking at what they had to offer.  We both wanted some lavender to that was first on the list.  We found it fairly quickly but they had the gallon bucket and we were kind of hoping for the small four packs.  So we looked around some more.  It was hot and humid so we were both melting but we were so happy!

As we looked around I noticed that I had a lot of what was on offer in my yard.  She was excited because she kept pointing to this and that oooing and ahhhing.  I said we’d spend some time in my yard when we got back and dig her up as many plants as she wanted.  She started making herself a mental list of what she would look for.  We pointed out colors and flowers and leaves that caught our eye.  We stopped and sniffed.  Finally we decided to get the buckets of lavender (that was the only size they had) and a strawberry plant each.  We were making the final walk to the register and one of the gals that worked there showed us a section of plants free to a good home.  The plants looked so sad!  Our eyes lit up!  Free?  We asked to double check we’d heard correctly.  Yep.  As many as you want!  After a quick high five we got down to work.

Five flats of plants later (I got two and she got three (one was for her Mom)) we finally checked out.  Still only two purchase plants each mind you!  Once we got back to my place we got her a bag with wet paper towels in the bottom and started clipping and digging.  The bag filled quickly.  Finally she had to call it.  We had wandered the yard and picked out what she really wanted first and mentally earmarked what she would get next time.

After she left I was hot enough I had to sit down with some ice water for a bit.  Once I was refreshed my new plants beckoned to me.  I hooked up my “new” expandable hose and got everyone watered once I had them cleaned up.  What a difference just doing those two things made!  They all perked up and took notice!  Everything greened right up and the flowers not only opened more but he colors positively shone!  I was so happy!

I got four planted in the ground (I got them for around the ponds) and about half of them repotted.  I actually ran out of containers before I got everyone finished but I tried to pick and chose who I repotted.  Some of them (like my geraniums) would be fine in their current containers for a bit longer.  It felt so good to be working with my hands in the dirt again!  I forgot how much I love working with the plants!

I see that I have rambled on more than enough.  Before I run late I will stop.  But I will share some pictures of the new plants and what I did with them.  Cheers!


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