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A Deep and Restless Night

Here we are again.  Oh damn.  I just realized that I once again forgot to make treats.  I don’t know what it is about making them lately.  I might try when I get home from work.  There is a possibility of storms so maybe that will help distract the dogs.  Chris is leaving early to do some running before work so I won’t see him until tomorrow and then only briefly as I am meeting my friend for lunch.  But we did spend a lot of time together this weekend.  More than normal and I am grateful.

Not much going on at the lot today.  I am looking forward to being able to write and read uninterrupted.  The kids were is my face a lot yesterday.  I played with them as much as I could.  Towards the end I was just too tired.  When Chris comes to be everyone comes over to my side (if they aren’t already there).  This morning he came to bed a 2:36am.  I know this because I was rammed out of a dead sleep when Essie dropped herself on Moose and I (who was presumably also asleep) then Stella was partially shoved over and then curled up as best she could in the crook of my legs (mind you a good part of Moose was still there).  At one point I was angry enough I almost came out to sleep on the couch (when you have dreams of falling forward to wake and find that you are being pushed forward and starting to fall off the bed it tends to make one a tad grumpy).  The only reason I did not do that was because I would have to grab my phone etc so I could hear my alarm.  In the end it was too much to do and I stayed crammed where I was.

When I slept I slept hard and deep.  But I was awakened at too many intervals to do me much good.  No matter.  I have coffee and I will survive!  Speaking of which I need to wrap this up.  I will share my interview when it is published as well as the book reviews.  Cheers!


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