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Cruisin’ On a Saturday Morning

I am excited to say that I will (hopefully) have 400 followers on here by the end of the weekend!  I am at 398 followers right now.  I am so geeked!  Thank you everyone for following me!  It’s pretty amazing to think that all of you from all over the world check in and read the blog everyday!

I have to admit that I have been bad the past few days.  I have had time to do my writing but I have not done it.  I have instead lost myself in a mystery.  It is a good book to be sure, just not what I am supposed to be doing.  I honestly needed a break from the stress of the beginning of the week.  So today I will buckle down and get things written.  Specifically two book reviews.  The one is pretty much completed and just needs a touch up. The second needs to be started atleast.  I also need to start reading one of the other review books I have.  It is a digital copy so that makes it both harder and easier.  Harder because of battery life (if I use my phone) and being able to read in the sun (the electronics tends to get really warm if in the sun for too long).  It is easier because I have a smaller package to carry with me to read from.  I have one of the first Kindle Fires they made so I have problems getting it to download some of the newer books.  Sometimes.  The flip side is I have a Kindle app on my phone so I can use my phone if I can’t get the Kindle to access it.

I am trying to keep track of all my writing projects.  I am thinking of getting a big calendar.  But I have no idea where I would put it.  I got another shelving unit for my multitude of books.  It’s not very big but it is sturdy and it was free.  I just need to figure out a place to put it.  Truthfully I am looking down the hall here and if I get rid of or stow some of the stuff on the floor I think it might fit nicely there.  It means going through the stack of magazines from Mom.  I always feel guilty with those.  She will go to the trouble and spend money to get them for me.  But some of them I will never use (most of them are cooking magazines with regional recipes like Italy and France because I enjoy their cuisine and I like to cook).  I feel guilty getting rid of them.  I can give them to a library or to someone else but I still feel bad.

I have done some cleaning of my living room “desk” that I use to do this.  I tend to accumulate books and notebooks (as well as various scraps of paper with notes and idea jotted on them).  I thinned out the books I have on the table as well as what I have in my moveable stack.  As a result it feels much easier to work here.  I’m not worried about bumping my coffee of making room for the mouse (I have a cordless one for the laptop).

The kids are still asleep.  I feel I should take advantage of this and get some of the writing done.  I hope everyone has a great day!  And thanks again for following!



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