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Feeling Positive

Here we are again.  The fact that I may finally have things under control have not done anything to help my anxiety.  I had to take one of the sleep ibuprophens last night.  It seemed to take forever to kick in.  I spent the day making phone calls to get things where they need to be.  Moose is worried about me.  He has been my constant companion.  But I am happy to say that things are headed in the right direction finally.

I watched a bunch of cheesy horror movies last night.   Each one seemed a bit more over the top than the last.  But I enjoyed them.  I may watch more tonight.  It will depend on how much writing I need to finish up after work.  I still am nor sure how busy I will be.  I know I was extremely busy on Wednesday.  Pretty much non stop.

It is chilly again this morning but it should be up around 83F (28C) this afternoon so I will wear shorts and bring my jacket.  The sun is out so I may not wear it for long once my day gets going.  Apparently whomever sleeps on the couch snores.  When Essie was on there she was snoring.  She is behind me and nothing.  Moose is on the couch snoring away.  Stella is beside her sister on the love seat snoozing but not snoring.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in the next two days.

I see by the clock I need to start getting ready.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!


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