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Walking the Path to See Where It Leads

The sky outside, the very world it seems, is a yellow green.  Like it was soaked in sepia.  It is kind of creepy.  There seems to be a breeze up high.  I am trying to figure out what I need to do today.  Yesterday I finished pulling down the fence, found and cleaned up around two small rose plants as well as around the big faery rose bush.  I cleaned up around the small pond and planted both tomatoes and cucumbers.  We’ll see how they do.  I am a bit achy today but not bad all things considered.

I did some work on the book review as well.  It’s hard to review an anthology because there are multiple stories to reference.  So I’m not sure when to stop referencing stories.  There are 34 in the whole thing and I can’t talk about all of them.  I’ll figure it out but it is a bit difficult.  (Some of the yellow outside seems to be mellowing.  It is more like a soft yellow now.)  I still need to do treats.

I don’t know why I seem to have to be doing something all week.  I can’t just sit for very long.  I start to pace.  That is why I’ve gotten so much done outside.  I have to be outside.  That makes the dogs happy.  Stella wore her self out doing zoomies yesterday (and didn’t get much of a limp so I think she is strengthening the more she does) and the other two have been chasing her or just roaming around.  Moose actually stayed outside with me when I was pulling the last bit of fencing down.  The reason this is so unusual is because it was raining.  None of the kids like being in the rain.  Moose didn’t care.  He chewed grass around where I was at and kept an eye on me.

Something very cool happened the other day that I forgot to mention.  When I publish my blog one of the media outlets it goes to is Twitter.  The other day one of my Twitter friends wrote me a poem from the title of the blog post he read.



I thought that was the coolest thing!  I saved it to my phone so I could share and keep it.  I love small things like that.  (Ok, everything is still yellow out there.  By now the sun should be high enough to dispel that color unless something is wrong.)

I need to get myself moving.  That requires more coffee.  I will end this with pics of the kids since it has been a while since I have shared any.  Have a great day!


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