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Have you ever had the kind of dream you cry your heart out in… and you actually do it while you are sleeping?  I did this in one of my dreams this morning.  I woke up drained.  So I have been avoiding doing anything.  I slept til a little after 8am (thank you Essie) and then got up to start my day.  My mind keeps going back to the dream and rehashing various points.

Have you ever dreamt about something (a physical object or person or situation etc) and then found it in real life?  I did that with some skull beads that my Grams and I found in a cave while I was dreaming one night.  For some reason it was important that I found them once I woke up.  And I did.  Mom and I (it was her Mom in the dream with me) found a whole string of them at a store one day.  I’ve also has dreams in the past that I recently recalled because something that was happening to me now was the same as in a dream.

Dreams are strange things.  You can soar to new heights or plummet to new depths.  Most of mine are just a new adventure every night.  A chance for me to try or be something new that I want.  Sometimes there are messages in my dreams.  Maybe I’d been worried about something and couldn’t find a solution.  I’ve had dreams that did answer my problem.  Maybe I hit a snag with a story or an article and the way my dream flowed or what happened will help me with that.

I’ve never hated my dreams no matter what happened in them.  I am always curious as to how I might react in certain situations.  Dreams can be a safe zone to find out.  I found myself no longer afraid of going underwater in my dreams.  I could get pulled deep and still be able to breathe.  I have lost family members and gotten my vengeance (odds are that will never happen in the real world).  It’s like have many many lives to live with less harsh rules or maybe more flexible would be a better way to put it.  Sometimes I do so much in my dreams I wake up wiped out because I didn’t really sleep.  I went on another adventure.

I need to get going and finish up my book review.  And make treats.  I have been rather bad at putting both off.  Let me know some of your dreams.  What did you learn?  What happened?  I hope everyone has a great day!

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