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Savoring What I Have and Not What Is Missing

This morning seems to be shaping up to be sunny and warm.  It hit 90F yesterday.  I’m not sure what today’s high will be.  I did get a lot done yesterday.  I got part of the pond garden cleaned up and half of the fencing pulled down outside (my hands were too sore after yanking and pulling to finish).  Inside I got dishes changed out and washed, laundry put away and our bedding washed.  Oh and I washed the counters and got the floor swept.  I still haven’t made treats.  I had intended to do it in the late afternoon when things cooled down but they never really cooled down.  So once again I have no treats for the kids.  Hot dogs it is!

It is so quiet.  Just the normal bird song and bug chitters.  I feel like there is so much that needs to be done but at the same time just relax and enjoy what I have.  Then my mind gets going on bills and money.  I am trying to take care of everything but not let it control my mindset and get the anxiety going.  It’s hard to do.  It is hard to allow myself to enjoy my life while I owe others.  I’d say it’s stupid but it’s not.  Many people go through the same things I am.  But I still need to enjoy what I have.  It’s all well and good to look back and think “Aww it wasn’t that bad!” but I need to do that now!  I need to fix my mind set.  I notice I get less anxious, or I should say I don’t get anxious as often because when I do get anxious it seems to be saved up because it can get quite bad when it happens.

The kids are all snoozing away.  As tired as I am I am glad that I still get up early to do my writing.  I need to do my book review while I am at work today.  I’m chugging along on it but it is due next week and I need to wrap it up.  I haven’t checked what is going on at work today.  I may have enough to do that I don’t get a chance to sit down.  I guess we’ll see.  I had to go change my wording.  Having Chris home this week has thrown me.  My interview was due the 2nd and my book review is due next week.  I also need to make sure of the meetings I’m attending next week as well.

Nuts.  I just looked at the clock and I need to get going.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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