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The 4th of July and Other Doings

It took a while but I am finally here.  We slept late because I’m not feeling all that great.  Not bad but not too good either.  I think it was something I ate.  I was so tired last night and then I got a stomach ache.  That progressed to a headache as I slept because that woke me in the wee hours.  Essie got up around 5am and had to go out.  I just left the door open and went back to bed.  She did eat her breakfast but her tummy was really gurgling.  Once I got everyone taken care of I had to fight with the internet.  So 15 or so minutes later here I am.

It is the 4th of July and here in the States that is our country’s birthday.  Which in turn means fireworks.  I used to like them.  I still enjoy the cool colors and patterns but the sound freaks my kids out.  Sounds like thunder to them.  What I find interesting is the batch of kids I had before them (Max, Molly, Maggie and Dante) didn’t really have any problems.  I remember sitting in our backyard at our bonfire and watching as we set off fireworks from our own backyard.  With all the dogs with us.  I am curious as to what has changed over the years to make dogs more weary and afraid of certain sounds.

I have also got the best neighbors!  If you’ve read the blog long enough you know I have made this comment before.  Yesterday I managed to finally get gas for the mower.  Well I got it started and then it petered out and died.  I’m trying to get the damn thing running and no joy.  After maybe 30 minutes or so, pissed off, I go back in the house.  A few minutes later I hear a mower in our yard.  My awesome neighbor across the street rode his mower over and cut our front yard for us!  I thanked him profusely.  He said he was paying it forward because he was going to be making a lot of noise over the next few weeks cutting all his wood down.

Once he finished I went to town out front and along the side of the house cleaning up both the yards and the gardens.  I am pretty proud.  Yesterday I needed to be doing something.  I was very restless all day for some reason.  Like I was waiting for something to happen.  Today I think I will work in the backyard.  I want to get the pond garden cleaned up if nothing else.  I need to finish pulling the chicken wire fencing down as well.  Those are the two things that need to get down outside.  Inside…. there is a lot but I will settle for making puppy treats, switching out dishes, putting away laundry, and washing the bedding for us.  So if I pick away at things I can get everything done.  It is supposed to get up to 90F today so I will probably shower again tonight (I only shower every few days unless I work in the yard etc. and all week I have showered every day so far).

I better stop here before things get too long.  And I need to get outside before it gets too hot to do anything.  Cheers!

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