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Writing In Reverse While Moving Forward

I feel like I am all over the board and doing things in reverse.  Not wrong just the opposite of my norm.  The day has dawned wet but warm.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some light fog in the back acres right now.  I stayed up waaaaaay past my usual bedtime.  And naturally the kids were ready to get up (and go back to sleep) at the normal time.  Snots.  lol  So after only a few hours here I am.  Stella and Essie both have a bit of a limp.  Essie because I think she has arthritis in her hips from all the big frisbee jumps over the years and I think Stella popped her hip out.  Again.  I think she managed to get it back in place and it was just sore but then she did zoomies (that’s how you know she was feeling better) and messed up the healing that had happened.  I think the rain will help to slow her down today.  I am grateful for that.

Wednesday is Essie’s birthday.  She will be 9 years old.  This also means that Moose will turn 7 years old.  I am not ready for this age thing with the kids!  Dante’s death kinds brought things into focus.   Mom and I agree that Essie really stopped aging at 2 years old.  Truthfully she doesn’t look much older than that so that helps add to the illusion.  Moose is getting more white on his body and face but he still acts very much like my little boy.  But Stella is still a kid (she will be 2 years old in August).

I do have some very good news!  We have a new crew working on the garage and a new guy leading the team.  He is also new to the company.  It shows because he is more concerned with doing things right.  He completely tore out and redid the back wall of the garage (he referenced 5 year olds when he told me about the quality of the build of the wall and other things) and he also got our roof completed (when we talked he said I was correct when I thought that the roof could’ve been finished (and thus no birds) before the move of the electrical pole with no danger to anyone).  I also made requests for the garage and they were done.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.  It was like having a genie for the garage!  Everything I asked for was done and installed before they left last night.  AND he stayed long after he sent everyone else home, a twelve hour day for him here.  Just to get things buttoned up.   The added bonus?  He and his wife both ride so we might have someone to ride with on those odd weekends.  And I am actually for this because it sounds like she has similar riding skills to myself.  It will be nice not to be the only “slow” one in the group (which is why we/I don’t like to ride in groups despite many invites).

I am getting very frustrated with WordPress.  I asked for help and they insist that it is my internet connection yet I only have problems with their site when I am online.  I spent a good portion of last week going back and forth with as many as five different people trying to get things fixed.  And since I said just don’t worry about it (I am supposed to drive somewhere with my laptop and try someone else’s Wi-Fi to make sure; notice I was the one doing everything there was only suggestions made for things for ME to try, to my knowledge they tried nothing at their end to see if it was a problem with their system) it has just gotten worse on my laptop.  So I can write my blog but the only way I can read or like your blogs is via my phone now.

I do need to quite procrastinating and get my interview polished and sent out.  Thanks for reading!  Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Writing In Reverse While Moving Forward”

  1. Our kids are the same ages
    My eldest turned 9 last month and my youngest turns 7 this month. It is going to be a tough year. I can sees the beginnings of puberty in the oldest and the youngest is asking the “Santa” questions. The magical time of young childhood is leaving my house and Im not ready for it to go.

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